Salveo Therapy

Helping Tauranga people enjoy a better quality of life

Feel the Difference

 Come see us and feel the difference proper care can make!

Salveo; to be well, be in good health


So our promise is that we will:


1. Listen to you

2. Provide the best treatment/action to get you better faster

3. Agree on ongoing preventative care and maintenance

We look at the whole person, not just the injury or symptoms


At Salveo Therapy, we recognise and understand the needs and requirements of each of our clients. By providing individual specialised therapeutic care we are able to ensure that the cause of your injury or health issue is identified and treated appropriately. Come see us and feel the difference proper care can make!


Rog has been my trusty physio here in the bay for about 5 years now. Whenever I am home I always test him with new niggles I might have gained whilst on tour and he has always been able to accurately diagnose and treat the injury quickly and effectively. As I am into my sport it is ideal , as Rog says ” sports people want to be fixed yesterday!” … Although that can’t happen, I am comfortable and trust that Rog will always aid in a speedy but assured recovery, with also providing good prehab and rehab plans so you don’t have to spend too much time with him!

-Kane Williamson           /